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Eli Lilly's monoclonal antibody

At the end of February 2021, France bought tens of thousands of doses of the antibody from the Lilly laboratory, an experimental treatment against Covid. Temporary authorization for use of Eli Lilly's bamlanivimab has been granted on an emergency basis.

The price of each dose is between 1,000 and 2,000 €.

This treatment should be administered intravenously in hospital for people who are immunocompromised and those over 80 years of age.

This purchase follows the publication of a single clinical trial, Blaze-1, with 465 patients, in a study published on October 28, 2020 and another study published on January 21, 2021. This study looks at the number of hospitalizations in the following different groups:

- 9 out of 156 with placebo, or 5.8%;

- 1 in 101 with 700 mg bamlanivimab, or 1%;

- 2 of 107 with 2,800 mg bamlanivimab, or 1.9%;

- 2 in 101 with 7,000 mg of bamlanivimab, or 2%.

The authors recognize that there was no significant effect on the expected decreases in viral load, which was the primary measure of effectiveness in limiting symptoms and reducing the risk of hospitalization.

Mathieu Molimard, head of the medical pharmacology service at Bordeaux University Hospital, recalls: “in the absence of viral decline, I do not see what can be expected. It's like building a house on sand! "

A press release was issued to convey the misunderstanding by the French Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

A big problem arises on the operational level: close virological monitoring is necessary, trying to limit the risk of favoring the emergence of escape variants. It is for this reason that the DGS (General Directorate of Health) explained, Sunday February 28, 2021, "that patients should be hospitalized and tested every 3 days until they are negative ”.

The pneumo-oncologist and head of the non-Covid unit at the Center hospitalier Toulon Sainte Musse, Doctor Clarisse Audigier-Valette, says: "we are talking about patients who can remain positive for weeks and who will have to be hospitalized all this time for their administer a treatment supposed to prevent them from going to the hospital, but which has not been shown to be effective ”.

Monoclonal antibodies: can the antibodies recovered from cured patients cause the current variants? Scientists are thinking about it. Studies with bamlanivimab have shown a possible development of viral resistance which increases with increasing doses.

It is for this reason that patients treated with Eli Lilly's antibody should be isolated and have close virological monitoring.

Yasdan Yasdampanah, director of the ANRS emerging infectious diseases: “we were cautious about the use of these antibodies as monotherapy because of this risk of the appearance of variants. But we will only use them for a very short time, the time to have access to dual therapies which seem much less risky ”. The risk of seeing 2 mutations appearing to escape 2 antibodies is indeed much lower.

It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to bring your own bomb when you take the plane. The risk of having 2 bombs in the same plane is much lower ...

The Brazilian and South African variants have the same E484K mutation that could negate the potential effectiveness of bamlanivimab. It is for this reason that the patient must not be infected with these variants in order to administer the monoclonal antibody.

Eli Lilly would remain effective against the Brazilian and South African variants with his antibody summerevimab.

The monotherapy does not allow a reduction in the viral load at 11 days while the combination of the 2 monotherapies could.

Regeneron's REGN-CoV2 is a concurrent treatment consisting of 2 antibodies, one of which may remain effective against variants.

These 2 dual therapies could very soon be authorized by the European Medicines Agency.

At the preclinical stage, there is research on monoclonal antibodies from infected patients.

Where did the rumors of conflict of interest between the government and the American laboratory come from?

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